166s dvd rip speed

Reviews of the LTD-163 confirm good DVD ripping performance (~8X+). I know alot of the other brands have been locking DVD rip in their new drives to 2X. Can anyone confirm that the LTD-166S still has good (~8X+) DVD ripping speeds? I’d like to buy one from Newegg ASAP.

You can buy it. It rips DVDs quickly :slight_smile:

I can confirm that my LTD-163 rips at about 8x.

My JLMS 166S reached max ripping speed ~11x on ATA133 Gigabyte MB and Maxtor 60GB DiamondMax 9 & PalominoXP 1700+

I’ve JLMS 166S with DS14 firmware…no problem with DVD Ripping (~10X)… but… i’ve see that this drive has problems reading Princo 2X DVD-R… it read very bad!!! and sometimes hang up… I’ve tried to read the same DVD-R with an LG DVD and it reads very well… so it isn’t a DVD-R problem… but a drive problem… Can someone confirm this problem? I’ve tried another DVD-R (That’s Write) and work good… so can be a firmware problem? I wish… Thanks

Try flashing to one of the other firmwares (on digi’s site) and see if the problem goes away.

he has ds0f, ds0e, ds0b binary firmwares.

The drive originally came with DS07 firmware release… I’ve encountred the problem with this version… I’ve flashed the firmware to DS0B, DS0F, DS14 and the problem persist. I wish LiteOn will fix this problem soon! because this drive may read everything (DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM)