166S bin firmware request

I would like it if someone with a 166S could flash their drive to the latest firmware (DS0B) and then back it up with mtkflash (since litefirm is a no-go) to aid in my quest to turn my 165H to 166S. Please email it to BadReligionPR@myeastern.com and post a PUBLIC message so I don’t get a whole inbox full of firmwares. Thanks in advance.


I guess you dont have to worry about your inbox being overstuffed with firmwares.

If I had a LTD166S I would give it to you
Sorry Dude

I have the firmware; but i sent it to what’s his name–you know, that guy that maintains the liteon page. So easier to get it from
here, wait…there, found it.


There you go :slight_smile: Dumped correctly with MTKflash.

Note, i used 1.48. No idea if 1.55 is needed or not.

hehe. thanks to me for backing up DS0B and backing up DS08 totally INCORRECTLY (I had two 65k files for Ds08, oops) before flashing up to DS0B :stuck_out_tongue: and then figuring out the RIGHT way to backup a firmware :frowning:

I take NO responsibilty if things go wrong with what you’re about to do DISCLAIMER.