165P6S - Firmware question and odd issue



I received my burner last night. So far, runs very well. I purchased a retail Lite-on boxed SHM-165P6S. Nero and XP see it as a 165P6S. After I burn a DVD, I run Nero cd-speed and it reports that the disc has been burned with a Sony DW-G120A!!!

At the top of the nero page it reports the drive as the lite-on, and everywhere else it indicates lite-on. What the heck is that all about??

I also would like to update the firmware as I have MSOC from 12/05 that came with the burner. The official Lite-on web page has the latest firmware, which I downloaded, but I cannot download the MSOC version if I want to go back. That seems a little crazy to me. Where can I get the MSOC in case I want to revert back?

Lastly I read about some type of program that checks the drive for to see if it needs the latest firmware and then reports what is available. How do I obtain that?

Thanks for any help provided. The burner so far has been quiet and burned cd’s and dvd’s very well. I used CMC AE1 @ 8x and CMC 48x.


ch44racing, sorry for the slow reply.

Here’s a link to the MS0C firmware but I doubt that you will want to go back:

The Sony model is recorded on the -R media and is displayed by Nero. It’s quite normal but I don’t know why this is recorded as opposed to the LiteOn model.

I don’t know of a program for LiteOn drives that advises about firmware updates. If your media is burning well, stick with the firmware you have, if not, update to the latest version. :wink:



Thank you for taking the time to reply. Your post was very helpful and informative. Much appreciated.