165H6S won't read commercial DVDs

Hi - I have the 165H6S running on WinXP pro, secondary master. Firmware has been updated to HS0E. Region 1 and no region changes have been made.

The device was working fine for a few weeks. Today I use it after not using the drive for 4 weeks, however, it will not read any commercial/retail DVD’s. It thinks the drive bay is empty. It reads previously copied DVDs and all CDs without problems, however, any retail DVD I put into the drive fails to recognize.

Any ideas?


Look in your control panel/hardware/device manager - if there are any “!” next to your drives - disable the driver for that device and reboot - should solve your problem when XP reloads fresh device driver for that drive-eh!

Yeah, sometimes I have to go into Device Manager and delete the entry for the drive, then reboot and let Windows rediscover the drive. If that doesn’t work, sometimes I go hardcore, hop into Windows SAFE mode, delete the entire IDE Controller, all drives, etc. and then reboot in normal mode and it will re-detect the entire IDE chain, top to bottom. Sometimes I even install the motherboard chipset drivers (like the Via 4-in-1 / Hyperion set) afterwords to make sure I get DMA running right.

Next thing for me if none of that worked would be a 100% fresh install from scratch, but that’s rarely needed.

Good luck.

bigmike and beardedkirklander,

thanks for the advice - still no luck:
there are no “!” next to any of my drives or devices.
i tried uninstalling the entry for the drive and rebooting - still no luck.

the drive writes DVDs and reads CDs/copied DVDs just fine. it just won’t recognize any commercial movie DVDs that i bought from the store. I believe the drive is installed properly - it’s just a matter of recognizing a retail movie DVD.

any other ideas?

I would do a full system backup (with Norton Ghost or something) and do a fresh install, without installing ANY OTHER apps, like AnyDVD or what not, just the OS, motherboard drivers, a video driver, a sound driver and a DVD player program and see what happens.

There should be no reason why it cannot play DVD movies. You are talking ONLY about retail movies, right? Not retail data DVD’s like an encyclopedia or something?

What player app are you using?

Do you start WinDVD or PowerDVD or whatever and then manually point them to your DVD video disk to play them?


i’ve only tried retail movies - no retail data DVDs. yes, i find it very odd myself. i am currently using powerDVD, however, i tried uninstalling it just to see if the drive would recognize the DVD, but still no luck. it spins a couple of times then stops.

i will try the fresh install this evening and write back.
thanks for the advice!

i have the same problem but i have a liteon sohw-1653s. it wil do everything but play retail dvds. it to was working fine up till 2-3 weeks ago. if i find anything i will post it.