165H6s HT problem

So I’ve been having problems with these Magnavox branded CMC MAG M01 +R discs. Crap ID, I know, and highly variable. I have SB, HT, OHT and OS enabled. After clearing the HyperTuning data using C0deKing’s EEPROM tool, I get decent burns (max PIF <= 4) with a few PIF clumps (~ 2 PIF), and I expected as much. But after 2-3 burns, the quality turns to crap no matter what speed I burn at, but once I reset the Hypertuning data I get another 2-3 good burns. A bad 8x burn is attached. Now it TRTs quite nicely, but wasn’t HT designed to be better burn after burn, not worse? :Z Yet the decent TRT indicates that all is well, minor dips aside, so now I’m confused at what’s going on.

(I should note that in my experience, recent LiteOn DVDRWs perform well with cheap media; this is the only ID I’ve found that this drive really chokes on)

hmm what do you know… HV9N seems to have fixed this issue. now my only gripe is that it reads DVDRDL @8x instead of 12x of HS0E. Guess it’s a small sacrifice to pay when my parents have like 250 of these M01 laying around. :Z