165H6s crossflash to160H6s possible?





??? :confused:


your posts are really annoying sometimes… even C0deKing can’t find the right words.

  1. I suppose that is possible a downgrade from a 165H6S to 160H6S but no one ever question about it yet.

  2. Why you want to lose DVD-RAM capabilities ?

  3. Explain a little more your questions. :bigsmile:


to codeking: …
to zevia: …!
to zhadoom: 1. there’s a first for everything
2. don’t use nor care for dvdram
3. hs0e and h9vn don’t produce great burns with my burner using mcc media (- & +). seems like there’s not gonna be any new f/w for it. seems like the non ram counterpart does better.


The EEPROM Utility will downgrade your drive to a 160H6S, but CS08 and HS0E were compiled minutes apart, so I doubt there is any difference.

Please explain yourself more clearly in future and don’t just rely on the thread title. Your item 3 in post #5 would have been a good start for the opening post. :wink:


My 165H6S is not good at all with MCC media as well, very disappointing. I pulled the drive and put it on a shelf as a backup and now I’m back to my trusty 160P6S.



i’ll wait till you release the FBF/W for the new 18 or 20x series so i can get one