165H shown as JMLS?

Hi! I just flashed my 165H to the latest firmware CH0Q using MTKFLSH. The problem is that my DVD drive now is shown as JMLS and not LiteOn. :confused: How do I solve this problem??

Best regards

Mads :wink:

I modified the flasher and changed it, but JLMS doesnโ€™t really harm anything (although programs donโ€™t recognize it by name anymore.) I could back up my firmware and send it to you, I destroyed the modified flasher after use. Send an email to BadReligionPR@myeastern.com if you want it.

Yeah i got the same thing , and then my computer wouldnt boot until i unplugged the cable ( stupid bloody computers ) :slight_smile: , Does anyone have any info on editing the bins and such ? Im interested how they can make patches and make a drive region free ?