165H showing non-existant errors?

I have a Pioneer A07 DVD burner which I am using to burn some dvd’s (cheap VANGUARDs that seem to work ok). As I do not have a Lite-On dvd burner that I can use for kprobe I have been using the rather crude scandisc from Nero. The DVD scans 100% ok in the Pioneer drive but as soon as I scan it in my Lite-On 165H (firm CH11 or CH12) it shows up unreadable errors near the end of the disc and slows down to scan (the pioneer powers on through at full speed all the way to the end).

I am worried about the integrity of my burnt discs - is it the Lite-On drive, the media or the Pioneer burner that is most likely at fault??

I’ve got a similar problem using nero can’t use Nero 6 since it has a tendency to hang at 99% done).

Anyway, the problem is that when I use nero’s scandisc to do a surface scan of a retail dvd or a dvd-r from my NEC on my Liteon Combo drive(48x24x48x16) firmware version KH0P, it shows the entire thing as being damaged. On the other hand, my ND-2500a scans them as 100% good.

Any idea what the problem is?

I don’t know if this is right but your problem might be related to region coding and/or copy protected dvd’s. I have the same problem reading retail discs on the Lite-On - it shows up as all bad sectors or just a bit ok at the start and then the rest bad sectors. I know the disc is good as I ripped it to the HDD using DVD Decryptor and the Lite-On.

The problem that I have above though is that only at the very end of the disc a couple of bad sectors start to show up on a non-protected copy.