165H and RPCDE

First, I apologise if the answers I need have been given elsewhere, but I can’t seem to find them using search.
I’ve just bought an LTR-165H (lucky me!) and downloaded the RPCDE file.
Question 1 - I’m assuming this is run under windows (not DOS)?
Question 2 - are the other files on the firmware page region-free hacked, or simply the original upgrades as supplied by Liteon? 'Cos obviously I’ll lose the region-free if I then apply the latest from Liteon.:confused:

  1. RCPED runs in windows.

  2. Which firmware page are you referring to? Are you talking about mango’s page http://digitri.tk/ ? firmwares on that site are hacked.

If you made the drive region free, there’s really no reason why you want to “upgrade” the firmware again, since official firmware will lock region again.

Many thanks Stoner, I think it was called “thefirmwarepage”? I found it from a link somewhere in this forum, while searching for RPCDE. I couldn’t get into Mango’s site earlier, it kept telling me it was “down”. Seems to be working now, though.

A-flashing we will go :bigsmile:

You can still update your firmware, just turn the region-lock off again when you have applied the new firmware :slight_smile:


I’d like to clarify:

  • All the firmware I have on my site, which are not region free, are original Liteon stuff

  • All the region free ones have been made free by the R1211 utility and a couple with Rpced while in the drive. Nobody sat and hacked them by hand, if you know what I mean :slight_smile:

  • The binary firmwares have been extracted from the drives with Mtkflash.exe. except for a couple which I took off the Liteon utility directly.

  • Liteon also uses Mtkflash, it’s built into their upgrade utilities.

  • I have 2 addresses, in case one is down or slow, it’s in my sig.

I think I may have gotten the wrong idea about RPCDE. I thought it flashed the firmware in the drive, but your reply seems to indicate otherwise. Perhaps someone could explain to me how it unlocks the drive, please, if it doesn’t change the firmware?
Much confusion in head!

I couldn’t get into either of your addresses at the time, which is why I posted my query. I’ve since been there and found the answer to one of my questions, and you’ve just answered the other.

Great site, man(go).