1655 ... wats wrong

rebooted my Pc this morning … My Benq 1655 did not read anything :Z cd or dvd’s it shows as a Atapi Cd Rom in bios :rolleyes: ,tried flashing with BCIB & BCGB,still shows as Cd rom.

i have Tried:

  • Flashing Firmware
  • Replacing the Ide cable
  • removing the Device & making XP Recognise it again

still no results,still shows as Atapi Cd Rom

Firmware Flashing at all times was sucessful with NO errors

which firmware can I flash now ? i am sure drive is Not dead flashing is always sucessful

Nero Info Tool Details Attacthed

Would be greteful if u guys help me out,as i have only One 1655 Drive :bow: ,dont want to loose this drive

pls help me

help pls … guys

Hi :slight_smile:
Did you by any chance leave a disc in the drive while you flashed it.
It sounds like the EEPROM is fine. As is the f/w, hence the everything OK.
Power seems alright too.
This leaves damage to laser, rendering it unable to function.
This is what/can happen when disc left in drive.
If you didn’t do this then maybe flashing in safemode, using a .cvt file even. May help.
Flashing in DOS is not an option because of the size of the f/w file.

can u pls help me out with the Cvt Flashing ? … any guide ?.. .which firmware i should use ?

i dont want to loose this drive,as i find it hard to find these Benq Drives :Z

flashed with cvt file to BCDB… still same results… is the drive dead ?

Try booting from the drive with Windoze disc in it. Set your bios to boot from that drive 1st.

Can maybe also be a faulty IDE cable, but this in log is more worrying;

Lower Filters

Driver : PxHelp20
Description : Px Engine Device Driver for Windows 2000/XP
Version : 3.00.56a
Company : Sonic Solutions

Upper Filters

No upper filters ie. imapi missing.
Delete the IDE channel (in Device Manager) your burner is connected to. Restart compu and see what happens.

Drive Is Dead … going for RMA !!

You’ll end up getting a rebadged Liteon drive since Benq no longer manufacturers 1655 drives. Liteon bought out Benq’s optical storage division. :wink:

i am Getting a 1655 On Replacement :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

Replacement Drive Says:

Mfg By Philips & Benq Digital Corpration

made In China :iagree: