1655 & Stuck @ 4x when burning

Whether it’s installed internally or externally, via firewire or usb, no matter what firmware/setting/media I use, the burner refuses to burn above 4x, regardless of what speed setting I select for the burn.

When I use the Test mode, the burn goes to full speed.

Media I mainly use are Verbatim DVD+R 16x (MCC004) & Taiyo Yuden “Premium” (T02 @ 8x, T03 @ 16x, TY02 @ 8x).

Please, any suggests/help, this drive was rarely used in the past & performed perfectly, and is my last 1655 drive, the others are all dead, one way or another.

Try going back to earlier firmware such as BCDB or BCGB.

This problem of burn speed dropping to 4x has been reported for both the BCHB/BCHC and BCIB/BCIC firmwares IIRC.