1655 Problems :(

Hi there I just bought a benq 1655 and Im so far very unhappy with what Ive seen. I bought it because of its great specs on paper, but so far I have had a few problems with it. I was hoping someone may know if this behaviour is normal

First, when ever I put a cd in the tray the green light on the front of the drive always stays lit. It looks like its always reading the disk but I dont think it is, it just looks that way. There is no flashing it just stays solid green.

I wanted to know is this normal for the light to always stay lit?

Also, I have had the drive totally dissapear from windows on me once already, It worked then when I came back to my computer It simply wasnt able to be found. I rebooted and all was well.

Last, it will not read a dvd+r disk that I have and also has a problem seeing my hp dvd -R disks it always seems to stop responding and hang.

So far it just will not see a dvd+R disk and Im not impressed with its capabilities with a dvd-r perhaps it just doesnt like the media I have who knowes but regardless its a pain to put up with.

This is soo frustrating, and Im going to take it back. and get the lite on I just wanted to know is this a common thing as Im now afraid to get another benq. This is the first product I have owned from benq and its not confidence inspiring.

Thanks for the help

Yes the green light is normal.

The media you are using probably isn’t very good. Most likely CMC media code :Z.

Get some good discs like Taiyo Yuden and see what happens.

I agree, looks like bad media or bad burns or both… When the drive disappeared from Windows, could you still see its icon in My Computer? Even if you unplug the power of the drive within Windows (something that I wouldn’t recommend doing), the drive’s icon should still be there in My Computer but the PC will freeze if you doubleclick it. If there was no drive icon at all then I don’t know… Don’t worry about the inability of your drive to read those discs, just make sure that the burns are of bad quality, this way you can rule out this possibility. Try some quality scans of the discs in question with Nero CD/DVD speed (get it here http://www.cdspeed2000.com/ ). If the discs are so bad that they freeze your PC then you may not even be able to initiate the scans, and even if you can, you will most probably encounter unreadable sectors while scanning. If you have access to another computer try to scan them again to see if your bad results are carried accross.

Also try burning/verifying and quality-scanning on decent media like Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, MCC, Maxell or Sony. Remember that Japanese media is usually of higher quality than media made in China, Taiwan etc. Beware of fake media, always buy from a decent shop. Some online shops also display the media codes so you know what you’re buying. If it’s too cheap to be true, then it’s most probably fake media, stay well away from that. Sorry if I repeated things you already know. Happy testing and good luck :slight_smile:

Ok well I am pleased to say that the Drive appears to running well. I bench marked the drive with nero, and it did alright. A little slower than spec though.

I was also please to see that the dvd + R was in fact a poor burn and couldnt be read either on my fathers LG drive.

I will be sure to purchase quality media in the future, I didnt realize how important it was.

The media I have for it now are phillips HP dvd-R’s 16X from future shop. I’ve burned 2 dvd’s and was amazed just how fast this drive is at burning. I burned at 16x and had no problems with the DVD movies.

All and all it seems the drive is acting normal again. Im not sure why it dissapeared from windows, but it came back on a reboot and has been there since. I am happy that the green light is normal too.

Well thank you very much for taking time to help a newbie. I appreciate it.