1655 or 1620 as a scanner?

which drive is better for scanning?

I will go with the 1655.

I still use my old 1620 for scanning, because it doesn’t give me these nasty slowdowns, which my 1650 does.

Same here, prefer 1620 over my 1655.

To me, both are giving nearly the same results.

Same Plextor DVD+R 16X@16X scanned on :

1/ BenQ 1620 OEM :

2/ Philips DVDR1668@BenQ 1655 :

My observation is that the scanning results from BenQ 1655 with the latest firmwares are closer to the Liteon’s for some “problematic” discs. But I haven’t test it thoroughly comparing the two drives though (1620 vs 1655).

Between [I]my[/I] BenQ 1620 & BenQ 1650, I much prefer [I]my[/I] BenQ 1620 for 2 main reasons:

[li]No slowdown problems at any scanning speed.
[/li][li]No confirmed scanning anomalies so far (Both BenQ 165*/1640 have been shown to have POF but not reading problems [B]or[/B] reading problems but no problems in PIE/PIF/POF scans).

Other users would have to do their own comparison between [I]their[/I] BenQ drives to see wether the above issues affect their drives.