1655: My drive tray is getting stuck

Anyone else have problems with their 1655 drive tray? Mines kinda stuck, but if you press the open/close button enough times it eventually opens.

its pretty annoying. I have a similar problem on my XBOX’s dvd drive, which is rather odd.

Have you tried opening it from the “my Computer” window to see if it is the button or the electronics?

Keep in mind there are quite a few programs that lock the tray. Is your problem there when nothing is running as well?

I tried to do it by selecting eject on the drive in the my computer window, but it did the same thing, you can hear it try to open, but all you get is a light thud kinda sound, sounds like it tries to open but it can’t. I did find doing it through my computer that the computer keeps trying it automatically until it opens up, which saves have to press the button a bunch of times.

I have bad luck with my benq drives. the 1640 doesn’t scan discs properly and the 1655 now has a semi-jammed tray :frowning:

Mines starting to do the same thing, all my other benQ’s have had no such problems with the tray, although both my Plextor cdrom drives did it after some time whatever that has to do with this :wink:
It seems to still burn OK as far as I can tell so I’m just letting it do it’s thing. Luckily I got a extended warranty on this one so if it truly dies I can get something outa it though maybe not another 1655 :doh:They do have a belt that runs the tray so maybe its starting to slip so it doesn’t cycle first try. The mechanisms are pretty simple if your mechanicly inclined you might be able to figure it out if it’s not just a belt. I had to lube and file/tweak the path the tray took in the mechanics to get the plexes working OK, and one of them started doing it again shortly after but they were a totally gear driven design and I think the parts got worn enough and dirty enough to cuase problems.

Same here with my 1655.

I have noticed that if there is a disk in the drive, it works just fine.

Anyone with any ideas?

I have heard reports that the 1655 takes a little bit longer to eject its tray, personally I don’t really have this problem with my 1655.

I had the same problem with my 1640

You can lightly tap the front of the tray while it is trying to open to dislodge it. I cleaned the rubber dingy around the tray with 95% ethanol and it helps a lot.

Same problem here with 1650.

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well, my 1640 does the same thing, but the 1655 does not have this symptom. Software rejection works fine, just the button, has to press a few times.

Didn’t know this is a common problem with the Benq DW 1655 drive.

I also have this problem, sometimes I have to press 5 times before it opens.

It seems when you press the open button for a few sec. (3-5) you have more chance that it opens.

I have still some months warranty on this drive, do you think this falls under warranty?

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My opinion, no. Marjority of these drives do have a delayed tray eject. It is unknown why it does this. Most people who say it gets stuck are being impatient and don’t wait a few seconds for it to open and expect it to open exactly when you hit the button and then just start pressing the button repeatly until it opens, which I would not recommend doing.

It is definitely not a delay. The tray tries to open, but sounds like it is stuck, then tries again about 2 seconds later, with the same stuck sound and the drive light flashes twice.

Same results with trying to Eject from in My Computer.

The tray works perfectly fine while there is a disk in it.

Same here with my 1640. Definately getting stuck, it’s not a delay.

it is not really stuck, it is not responding. it takes a few hit on the reject button in order for it to open. It is not responsive

My 1640 occasionally does this. If I press on the button harder it seems to help.

Mine is responsive, when I press the eject button I can hear a thud from the door getting jammed.

I did a RMA by BENQ.

I received today a refrubrished one, this one goes open by pressing one time.

Has anybody found a cure for this annoying problem with Benq drives.
I have a remote programme for opening and closing trays and it still does the same as using manual button. My old Sony drive is perfect using remote and manual. This looks like it could be one reason why Benq stopped producing burners!