1655 installation



Hey every one. I am new to the fairly new to this and need some serious help please, I bought a BenQ 1655 thought I could just throw it in start up my Pc istall the soft ware and away I go. I have Dell Optiplex gx240 and it is not recognizing the drive. I can open/close it but that’s about it.
Is there any one that can help by walking me through what to do now?? :bigsmile:


Go to My/Hardware/Device Manager/IDEController and uninstalled your BenQ 1655 appropriate IDE Controller, reboot your computer and let the Windows OSdetect the drive, that might help.


Have you connected it to the right IDE channel? Are your jumper settings correct? Does your BIOS see the drive? Is your IDE cable good? Make sure you use a good quality 80 conductor cable for connecting your burner and at the appropriate position.


Since you just threw it in the PC, your problem is that the jumper is set to cable select. It needs to be set to either master or slave, depending on the connection of the IDE cable. Both should be labeled (the drive and the cable). Make sure they match.


Shouldn’t there be a users manual describing hardware installation, that came with the drive? If not, then check Benq website.

P.S.: there is only a manual available for 1640 model, but hardware installation is the same for 165x models


spiderdan0, consult your manual or visit Dell homepage for documentation and detailed guides.

Check the jumper position on your old CD/DVD drive and put the jumper on 1655 in same position if CS (Cable Selct).
If Master/Slave jumper position is used on your old drive than put your 1655 as Master (end of IDE cable) and old drive as Slave. Jumpers per position on cable.
(IIRC Dell used to arrange drives in CS, on older compus anyway.)