1655 has become a real pain in the a$$

MY 1655 is realy driving me nuts. I have to push the button 3 or 4 times to open it. First it makes a thump, then next push it blinks the light then the next 1 or 2 it will open. Then when i put a disk in and close it the first time it spits it back out and i have to reload it again.I also have a nec 2510a that still works perfect. Anyone else having this problem?

No but I do remember there were quite a few RMAs when that drive was first announced. You should RMA it, if you really think its broken.

This occasionally happens with the Benqs, there are a couple of threads about it here in the Benq forum. I know a couple of people have taken theirs apart and fixed it, but I can’t recall the specific cause. Something with either the belt slipping or a gear slipping I think. I wouldn’t RMA myself, if they don’t fix it they’ll probably send you a much inferior 1670 as a replacement.

My problem is i have had it for about a year so i guess i have to live with it. It still burns well when i finaly get the disk in. Was hoping someone had a fix for it, guess that was to much to hope for.

You are right scoobiedoobie, this drive is very hard to find now and if it burns okay I guess I would keep it. I don’t think I would be taking it apart though.:disagree:

Meh, if it’s not under warranty then I don’t think taking it apart is an issue. It’s not difficult to take it apart just to check if the gears, belt(s), and button are aligned properly. Tinkering with the drive further than that could get risky, but these are basic things to inspect. Take the bezel off, remove a few screws and separate the top and bottom.

Thanks Guys for the replies. I will search around some more to see if any threads have had the same problems. Thanks again!!

My drive does the same thing, but I love it so much, I live with it. So I dont feel any pain at all. The more I touch it, the more I love it. So pressing 6 times to reject a CD, I love it 6 times more
I guess I am an easy going guy

Maybe you could try with a software solution, (it’s a 30 days free trial), and see if it is a mechanical failure or something wrong in your setup. :wink:

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Looking at your avatar you literally are. /joke :bigsmile:

My 1655 does the same but it’s not enough of a pain to go through an RMA process so I am quite happy to live with it.:slight_smile: