1655 Firmware download location?

I can’t seem to find a site that’s still alive for downloading 1655 firmware. Anyone still hosting some? I just fired up a new 1655 and need to play with MCSE and some firmwares!

Here ya go:

Hi :slight_smile:
Try [B]here:[/B] :iagree: :bigsmile:
Edit:- Same link (only mine gives the 1655 f/w only) :stuck_out_tongue: .

Thanks. Couldn’t find it on the US site.

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That’s OK, but it is there. :iagree:
I use the UK one as I’m in the UK. :iagree:
Alan uses the UK one ,despite being in the States.
As he nicks all my links. :stuck_out_tongue: :doh: :iagree: :bigsmile:

Doesn’t work here either. :disagree:

Don’t know what “alan” nics or kicks but it’s to no avail for his countrymen, sorry.

Adding pic from BenQ US 1655 download page, the BIOS/firmware tab is missing compared to European site.

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My apologies, I never followed the link through. Just saw the listing which looks identical to the UK one. :doh:

No problem zebadee. :slight_smile:

Now that BenQ is out of optical storage bussines, ftp servers are the best way to obtain old firmware.
(Interesting though, US BenQ ftp site doesn’t even list optical drives (anymore).

Worldwide downloads can be done here;

Think pinto posted this a while ago.

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This link no longer works for me. :sad:

Link ValHall64 posted works here… :smiley:

zebadee refresh browser, try open in new window, use firefox (maybe IE tab needed).
Note, pic edited; removed directory up linking.

Yes zebadee, seems like BenQ doesn’t like us browsing their ftp pages. I also get a empty page now and then. :wink:

Direct links DW1655 stock firmwares;

Hi :slight_smile:
pinto2. thanks for the thought.
(I personally don’t need these links as I have all the f/w I need).
However that link has not worked for me in IE7, Opera or Firefox.

Hi i could an expert here Im trying to find firmware BenQ DW1640 BSLB and BSMB All i can find is BSO BSP BSQ and BSR. Confused Help

I got em all witch one do i use for my sony DRU-810A? Its having a hard time with DL Media.

You need BSRB for burning DL media, but be aware that even with that, the older BenQ drives only burn Verbatim media well. Other brands of DL media may or may not work.

Thanks for the firmware. I got ahold of 2 NEW 1655s. UPS is delivering this morning.

                               Burn On,