1655 bcib & ty?

planning to get these:


Media ID : YUDEN000T02

will 1655 BCIB pair up well with this media & give Good Results ?

oh yeah :iagree: :clap:


That is a combo made in heaven-eh!! :iagree: :iagree: :smiley:

T002 will make any burner looks good. LG or Plextor will give better results. BenQ and TY combo is far below heaven.

Just my 2 cents.

why do u say that ?

also my 1655 is a OEM Drive,is that a matter of concern ?

Look at my signature. 1655 is a decent one. Just not great when compare to LG and Plextor.

Everyone experience may varies. In real life, you won’t notice any difference but here in cdfreaks a little difference in PI/PO figures means a lot. You also need to take into account media and drive variance. :wink:

I found that my 1655/BCIB produces great results with YUDEN000T02, similar with my other drives including Plextor and LG.

Well Zevia you said something that I wished more people will listen to.
Burn it —> it plays good on your dvd player---->be happy.
Dont bother if the PI/PO is a little bit high as long as it plays fine.

You are absolutely correct. BUT the people in this community are DVD and CDFreaks, and scanning and disecting all the information is what make this a hobby and makes it fun. If all there was to media was to burn the movie and watch it, it would take away from the fun. Its more than making a backup. Its looking for sales and disecting every little flaw, trying to get the best result, and much more, its what make us Freaks.:iagree:

Well yeah it might play after you burn it but will it play in a month,6months,etc…from now :rolleyes: Depends on what media you use :iagree:

To alan.

Tweaking was and still is fun but now days I dont have enough time. So I try to keep it simple.

To rolling.

I have several cd’s(before 2000) and dvd’s that I burned a long time ago before I even scanned them or knew what PI/PO was. They are all of different media.

To amuse myself I’m going to test some of them to see if they have degraded to any extent.

CD’s are different than DVD’s so don’t get to amused :bigsmile:

I have older cd’s than that, that still play fine


I have a 1655 as well and I heard that Verbatim Data-Life is the DVD media we want to use with it for the best quality. I use Verbatim DVD-R and DVD+R DL and TY CD-R media.

You have good taste in drives and media :slight_smile:

If you read this forum, I think most would agree that Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim are the best of the lot and still their batches can be very variable. But for me I will stick with those.:iagree:

ok, to really answer your question, go for it, every1 in here will give you the green light. The burner is very good and on top of that, you are feeding it with the best media available. So have fun

got all my advice mostly from the guys at this forum:

yeah i’ve been a member there also :slight_smile:

Why did you come here if i may ask? :doh: :slight_smile: We’re kewl too :cool:

I’ve actually been meaning to join for a while now, but the restrictions recently implemented at digital video forums (no more DVD ripping discussions and deleting of all ripping subforums) forced me to find another place to discuss backing up DVDs and this seemed like the best option.

Now that I’m here, I’ll use this for DVD backup advice as well as burning CD-Rs, etc. :slight_smile: