1655 and burning at 8X with Verbatim DL discs

I have the 1640 and the 1655. The 1640 will burn my Verbatim DL discs at 8X. The 1655 says the max speed it will burn these discs is only 2.4x. What do I need to do to enable the 1655 to burn these discs at 8x like my 1640 drive will. I have the BCDB firmware.

Use MediaSpeedCodeEdit by ala42 on f/w BCDB and swap the strategy of MKM 001 to MKM 003.

Now if I do this swap, what happens if I get an MKM 003 disc in the future? It just won’t recognize it?

No, the drive will still recognize both MIDs, but both will have MKM 003 strategy. Will the strategy give a good burn to MKM 001? Don’t know. Do a burn test to see if it works.

Actually when swapping these strategies, the program renames the MKM003 strategy, so I think you are left with no strategy that matches MKM003. Just burn all your mkm001 disks first then switch back :slight_smile: Probably by the time you can get MKM003 for a decent price in the US benq will have fixed, through a firmware update, the MKM001 strategy anyways…

i rather burn at 2.4x it at l;east guarantees me a good quality burn on my verbatims

Even verbatim advertises that this 2.4x media is “up to 8x speed with compatible high speed dvd+r dl drives”. The firmware mod makes the 1655 one of those drives :slight_smile:

I know the 15 Verbatim DL discs that I’ve burned so far in my 1640 at 8X has played flawlessly on my DVD players. Hopefully the 1655 will work just as well. It is an IOMagic drive I got for $50.

Here’s scan of Verbatim MKM 001 burned with 1655 BCDB MCSE
Burn @6X
SB on
OS on

that’s excellent for 6X!!


I think I’ve given up on DL burning. I usually get good burns(Nero quality score 95-97) but sometimes I’ll get a really shitty burn. I’ll do a quality scan and get a (85-90) maybe one in every 10 burns. Then I gotta burn the same thing again and scan it again which is annoying. It just takes do dam long at 2.4x and then scanning it to make sure it’s good. I’m not buying anymore DL discs at least until Benq releases a firmware update with a write strategy for Verbatim DL +R discs. It’s a hassle for me cuz I can’t just burn a disc since it’s possible it might be bad. The seed of doubt is planted in my mind and I HAVE TO scan it to make sure. I know with single layer dvd’s it’s gonna be a great burn with TY and Verbs so I don’t have to waste time with scanning every disc.

The rename mechanism has I high change to work on any firmware and any drive, it is quite safe. The lossless swapping mechanism might fail, so I will implement it only if someone volunteers to spend some disks to test it by comparing the renaming result with the lossless swapping result.

Which mediacode are we talking about, mkm 001 or mkm 003? i have some mkm 001 to spend.

MKM 001. I will send you a modified firmware.

hey there go to dl scans for 1655 and i postee one there recently and burned at 6x and got a 94 quality

Hi, I’ve just recently gotten back into the computer world after a long hiatus and recently purchased a 1655 and some Verbatim DL discs as well. I’ve tried using MCSE to edit the firmware manually to be able to burn these 2.4x DL discs at a higher speed, but apparently I’m not doing it properly because QSuite and Nero still only allow 2.4x writing speed.

If someone could be so kind as to send a properly modified firmware to swap the MKM 001 strategy to the MKM 003 strategy, I’d be very grateful!


Did you really follow these instructions ?

Apparently not. Will flash right now to test.

Here is my experience after 3 burned discs. 1 failed, and that was the one where i had speedpatched the firmware…
I did follow the instructions 100%, but didnt get the result i hoped for.

I have BENQ 1650 with BCFC firmware.

My first burn was @ 2,4X with normal firmware and default settings. The result wasnt the best with a spike right in the beginning resulting a 50point score in nero cd speed.

Then i speedpatched the firmware. I started a new burn with the same settings and the same speed as the first burn, just with the new strategi. Not many seconds after the lead in i got a io error resulting in a coaster. :doh:

I flashed back to the “real” bcfc firmware and burned a disc again @ 2,4X, but this time without WOPC. The spike in the beginning disappeared and i got a quality score of 95. :clap: Think im gonna stick with this setting since i cant afford many coasters with this expensive media…

I dont think its much likely that the coaster (second burn) where i had speedpatched the firmware was a coincidence. It must have been due to the swapping of write strategies ?

And again, im 110% sure i did it the right way. :iagree: