1655 activity LED always on

I’ve had this drive installed for just over a week now and I’ve noticed that the activity LED stays on.
The light flickers on/off while the drive is reading but as soon as it’s done it comes on and stays on. The only time the light stays off is when there is no disk in the drive.

Has anyone else seen this?

This is normal and is quite useful since it tells you at a glance whether or not you have a disc in the drive.

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yes me.
wonder if its normal behaviour. Kinda irritating.
is there any firmware update out yet?


As I pointed out earlier on, it is normal behavior.

It is especially useful when you do a firmware upgrade, since you’re told to make sure there’s no disc in the drive - and when the light is off you’re certain.

I believe that the latest firmware upgrade is “BCDB”.

Irritating, you say? :slight_smile: Then think of it as a disc presence indicator LED that goes off when there is some activity.