1655 acting funny

it takes a LONG time to spin up and it just seems unhappy with life…you guys see anything abnormal?

that recognition time seems really high…

Nothing “abnormal”. What recognition time (22.8s?), depends on media and whats written on media. More info needed.

Does this happen with all discs. :slight_smile:

Have you got overspeed enabled?

If I have that turned on some of the -R discs I burn take ages to be read, turn it off and they are found within a few seconds.

the slow “access/recog” time happens on all cds. on most systems, you pop in a cd/dvd and bam within 5 seconds something fires up. mine takes close to 15 secs. this is on cd games, dvd movies, blank dvd’s, etc

Actually, for the first time since I bought my 1655 in December, I had troubles today. I received a “Header fixation error” during a burn. Earlier in the day, I tried to rip a disc and the drive didn’t recognize the dual layer DVD-9 pressed disc I inserted (the light was off on the front). The same disc ripped fine on the 1640. I reflashed firmware and reinstalled the drive controllers. Now the drive is making chirping sounds and acting like it’s having trouble recognizing discs - but it seems to be working. I just ran a benchmark test on both the 1655 and the 1640. I hope my drive isn’t ready to croak.

Did some Dual Layer DVD-9 pressed disc scans on both my 1655 and 1640.

so my recognition time is DEFINITELY off. something is up. well i am getting a brand new 1655 so i will compare it to this one to see if it is software or hardware related (i guess it could be my ide cable or mobo…dammit)

If a disc is difficult to read (scratches, poor burn qualtiy) it will take awhile to recognize, if at all.

You could also try using Nero DriveSpeed and adjust the spin-up/down times.

If the new drive does not have the problem(s)
RMA this one. :slight_smile: