1655/1640 tray noise difference


my friend bought two i/o magic drives which are dw1655 & i have dw1620 at home & dru-810a (dw1640) at work.

strangely, her two 1655 drives’ tray opening & closing noises are quite different & to think about it, dru-810a noise is bit different.

one of her 1655 sound definitly smoother than the other 1655 & dru 810a is the roughest. 1620 sound better

anyone experienced such differences? should she return the noisy one to the store?

not all drives will be the same it’s normal. tho if it’s real noisy rma it

I have a 1620 and a 1655 in externals, one on top of the other they are both smooth but the 1655 is the smoooothest. DYN

well, we went to staples & exchanged a new one & it was the smoothest one among the benqs i tried. she did not care but i was concerned about the grinding sound. it was quick & painless at staples :wink:

thanks for your inputs :slight_smile:

btw, the drive with the noise was functioning ok

ps: imho, lg & plextor drives have the smoothest try operation