1653s & Yuden T02 & Speed

Right, I’ve tried Bulkcrap (sorry Bulkpaq), Ritek R03/2, Verbatim with very mixed results. When I came accross Yuden T02 at SVP for a decent price in the UK, I jumped in and bought 100.

Below is my first 8x burn with the first disk, and while there is no denying the quality of the scan, it’s my best ever, I was horrified at how long it took. 43 minutes to burn !! :sad: The smartburn gauge in Nero was jumping between 5 and 99% throughout the burn. Is this right ? I might as well put up with 4x Ritek that burns OK in around 15mins than wait 40 mins for the decent media ?

What brand. Could be fake media, since 1653S have problem burning. And decent price sounds suspicious.

You still have DMA enabled.

@ blisteringblue
On top of what jbv states(check your DMA), is your HDD defragged before ripping/burning and has 5+GB free space for the image? Do you close all programs and no surfing during the burn? The smart-burn feature is what made this burn turn out so well, but you should see the buffers stay pretty close to full(95%+)through the entire burn. Even though you selected 8x, it looks like 2.4x burn time. At least you got good results:).

Taiyo Yuden Printable DVD+R !! Made sure they were genuine, as I read all about the fakes. £56 (uk sterling) for 100, so would hope they are not fakes at that price :wink:

Will look into DMA setting

Device is Primary Slave and DMA setting was Ultra DMA 2

The hard disk is 120GB 52% Free and it reported heavily fragmented with diskkeeper, so I am running a defrag at the moment and will give it another go.

It can give problems if your harddisk is master on the primary controller where yours 1653s is slave.

Try to attach the 1653s to Secondary channel.

woo… my fragmented rate is only 3%.
blisteringblue, the first time defrag will take very very long time,
I suggest you do it before you go to sleep. Thereafter, run
defrag every week & it will take much shorter time than the 1st time.

I need to take it all apart to put my NEC 1300A back in anyway so I will swap them round at that point.

I know, I am a little lazy when it comes to defrags. Just took about 3 hours, and after another analysis it’s still slightly fragmented. Just DVD2One - ing a film I’ve backed up and will run another defrag before trying the 1653 again.

@ blisteringblue
jbv makes a good call, your source HDD should be,IMHO, on an opposite channel from your burning drive(s). That should do the trick if they were on the same channel before. Also,as Talon88 states, defragging often is a good idea…as long as you have one free 5+GB continuous space before burning an image to your HDD, you should be fine…slightly fragged is OK.

Have you compared burning TY01s as opposed to TY02s ?
I tried them both in my Sony DRU700A (rebadged SOHC-832) - both media from rima.com
and I found that TY01s were much better quality burns than TY02s - I burnt them both at 2x speeds… hoping that slower speeds = better burns.

If you look at my kprobe I’m not faulting the quality of the burn, it was superb. My issue is the time it took to burn it, I had it set to 8x but it took 43 mins !! I’m looking for ways to improve this speed.

Got the defrag down to a healthy level and tried another burn. Again amazing results with the Yuden T02 but again the buffer was like a jack-in-box and it took 40 mins. Results below, about to test the IDE channel theory too as I will do a burn direct from my USB 2.0 hard disk, this has no defrag at all.

:bow: Hats off to you my friend. Currently burning a full 4.7gb from my USB 2.0 Hard Disk and it’s a much faster burn at 8x :iagree: :cool:

Still not perfect, as for the 1st 40% it never moved from 98%, and it’s just back to 98% at about 3/4 through. Looking like taking around 10mins for whole thing.

I bet this was the problem I was having with the Ritek R03 media too :slight_smile: As I have 2 internal hard disks and the USB hard disk just have to remember not to burn from the primary if I want a fast one :smiley:

May not even bother putting the NEC 1300A back in now. I know the media to use, and not to burn from a source on the same IDE channel. Come on :slight_smile:

The last burn from the USB disk was even better than I thought, 10 mins for a full disk and see the quality of the kprobe

At last a happy bunny with his LiteOn 1653s :iagree: :slight_smile: :cool: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :bigsmile: