1653S with Alcohol 120%



I had some strange problem using my 1653S to build an image of a DVD-movie from a DVD+R disc. It was not copy protected or anything and I used the most current firmware (both omnipatched and stock).

Although the DVD was read and everything seemed to finish without errors the final image-file was “invalid” when trying to read it into Alcohols virtual-drive.

The same DVD was read into a perfect working image-file with Alcohol when using my old Pioneer DVD-Rom.

Also I had no problem reading the same DVD into an image-file when using the 1653S with Nero. The Nero image could then be read without problems using Alcohol’s virtual drive.

At last I got no problem when reading a pressed DVD using the 1653S with Alcohol.

So how can it be that the DVD+R didn’t work and didn’t even report any errors during the copying process (2,2gb of the DVD were used)?


for me, alcohols woks better than nero. all my nero images are crap. when i burn them with nero, the process takes 15 minutes, the same .nrg image burned with alcohol 120% takes 2 minutes. in both cases the disc doesn’t work. with alcohol i never had problems making dvd-images.