1653s reading problem


A few days ago I bougth a 1653s drive. So far I burned few Verbatim -R 8x media.
Didn’t have any problems so far.

But, when it comes to reading, things get messy. :a
I have original CD with Nero express that I got with the drive. I couldn’t install Nero from that media. When I put the same media in my old Pioneer reader 117 reader (fw: 1.03), I can install from that media.

Today I got one original DVD. In Pioneer it works just fine, while Lite-On can’t even recognize media. :frowning: I presume it is a shitty media, (I got it with my newspapers) but still… it’s not OK.

When I put that media in Lite-On drive, LED is on for a couple of minutes but the media is not rocognized. Kprobe can see the media, but the kprobe test woudn’t finish. It comes to 97% and then it jumps to 204% (???), and then again from the 0%. And in circle. :frowning:

I use official CS09 firmware.

Did any of you had some problems with reading capabilities of 1653s drive? At the moment, I’m expiriencing quite a strange behaviour with some discs.

Best regards!


Now this is weird. Yesterday, after I’ve burned one CD-RW disc, I put the DVD media (the one that coudn’t be recognized in liteon drive a hour ago) in my liteon drive.
It was recognized as any other media. :eek:
And from that moment that media is always recognized when put in my liteon drive. I disabled nero check that was loding with my windows just in case I use powerdvd 4, but I didn’t find any of his resident modules in memory.

I’m confused. Why this happened? The only rational explanation is that something loaded in windows was conflicting with the drive.

I’m sending the output from the kprobe for this media.

Did any of you have similar expiriences?

Best regards,