1653s leadin, leadout and calibration probs

Hi all!

This is my first post on cdfreaks forums, I was a massive lurker :slight_smile:

I have some problems with my LiteOn 1653s drive, that seem to be already discussed somewhere, but without conclusions.

I use only DVD-R and media are 4x AML (not so bad) and 8x CMC MAG AE1 (nice I think)

With both of them I had problems when the drive wrote the leadin part.
Usually it takes around 1 minute and half to write the leadin, and I can hear the motor spinning up and stopping four or five times.
Sometimes (without any apparent reason) after this period Nero give me a sort of calibration error and tries to write the leadout with no success.

The strange thing is that if I try to burn the same dvd a second time the burn has success.

I found a previous thread talking about this behaviour with firmware like CS07 and olders. I tried with CS0P and (now) with CSTR, but I’m having still this problem.

Sometimes (again without apparent reason) it won’t write the leadout part, but this seems to be a Nero 6.6.x problem, so I switched to 6.3.x, and now I’ll see what happens.

In spite of these problems, I have nice scannings of the written media, expecially CMC ones.

Is someone experiencing this like I’m doing? :frowning:

Tnx all!

yeah, dvd-r ttg02’s i used to be able to burn once then not burn , but now its not burning those

i can burn cmc ae1’s at 12x stock and verbatim 16x at 12x -r’s and get the 1 minute+ leadin, doesnt bother me

Thank you for the reply, at least now I know that this long lead-in writing time is normal.

However in the meantime I’ll try to investigate about the random lead-in failure and post result if something will eventually come up :slight_smile:

I got 4 of the philips spd2400L1 drives from svp,. none of which can write xbox backups, Samsung rom drives in xboxes i have cannot read game, thomson drive can though, this is not ideal, no firmware for it yet on philips site, maybe i will cross flash to liteon firmware. Dunno i might wait, does anyone else have an xbox with samsung dvd rom drive in it and have problems with the original firmware in liteon or modded firmware or even someone that has the philips spd2400L1 or BM drive

Just curious to see what someone else makes of it or can recommend a firmware that cures this, thanks