1653s@CS0P scan




Yesterday I upgraded my FW to CS0P. I run FW through latest omnipather first.

Please look at this scan. I use TDK DVD+R 8x. I’m not satisfied with burn quality near end.

Does anybody have similar situation?




Unfortunately that media is very low grade and I wouldn’t expect much better than that in a 1653S :(. Sorry but I’d suggest you look for better quality media…


With my MCC004 (which is grade 1) i get bad ending, but not as you, max 150-200 at the end, all the beginning (till 70%) less than 50.


The scan I posted was from media that was written at 8x. I usually have more errors when writing at 8x. With 4x I usually get better results.
Today I will record at 4x and I will post the results.




Here is the result with same media written at 4x. As you can see, there is no high peaks.

I have the same situation with Verbatim DVD-R media.


Nice 4x burn :). Have you ever had a good scan from an 8x or higher burn?


No. :frowning:

I used Verbatim DVD-R, TDK DVD+R and some TraxData media.
Whenever I go for 8x burn, I have problems with burn quality.

I tired FW: CS02 (not modified), CS09 (not modified) and now CS0P (modified with recomended strategies with latest OmniPathcer).

Still, it didn’t help.
So I’m forced to write at 4x all the time if I want a good burn quality. :frowning:

Maybe it has something to do with my PC in general: Abit BE6 mainboard (BX chipset), Celeron 950 MHz. Not sure. Maybe.

I use Nero as burning SW. I don’t notice any buffer problems during burning.



You could try an 8x burn using Nero CD-DVD Speed. This would prove if you are experiencing buffer underruns.

Also you might want to try BYX4. My 1653S burns more media better, with this firmware, then CS0P. You’ll find a Liteon ID version, in the patched version, on our site :wink:


BYX4 has better media support than liteon CS0P? also with MCC004?

what are all these options in omnipatcher to be done? ide bug, sony bug?


I can just load it to my 1653S as it is?



it must be the patched one…



I loaded BYX4 fw (patched with omnipatcher first).
Here are the results. First scan is burned at 8x. We can see significant improvement compared to CS0P fw. Second scan is burned at 4x. As far as I can see, I have a slightly better results at 4x with CS0P fw.

I think i will return to CS0P fw and continue burning at 4x for the time being.


your media is crap. try some quality discs like verbatim or fuji. BYX4 is great for all mcc, ty and ricoh. CS0P is a bit faster when writing ricohjpnr02, but only a few seconds.

the only thing i miss with BYX4 is writing cds @48x… holding down the eject button everytime is very annoying.


I don’t think it’s only the media. I had similar issues with Verbatim as well.