1653s CD-R's 'ticking'



Just updated my previous 832s to a 1653s, and when a CD-R is inserted, the drive makes a quiet ‘ticking’ noise (not with DVD-Rs) until the drive spins down. I’m sure its nothing, but I hate strange new noises (which my 832s never made)!


Perhaps you got a defective unit?


Maybe, but performance wise it appears perfect. Maybe its just the noise these drives make?


I haven’t tried a CD-R in my 1653S yet. I’d be surprised if it does normally make this noise. I can try for you later (my 1653S is at home today), if someone else doesn’t reply.


Thanks C0deKing - as I say, there appears to be no performance problems and DVDs are fine. Its not a very loud tick, but its noticeable…


Tried the CD-R in the 1653S and yes there is a very faint ticking sound when the drive is idling the CD-R. It goes away when the drive speeds up to do a serious read of the disc. I have no idea what it is. shrugs Maybe they are pulsing the motor to keep the disc turning at the slower speed. I don’t think it’s any reason for concern.


Thankyou - I hate strange noises coming from new equipment!