1653S – quality & durability of recordings



I don’t need to use various media on my 1653S. What choice: bios/dvd-media/writing speed is the best at this moment?


I use this one combination which is excellent for me:
1653S@CS0G, DVD-R Verbatim 8X certified (MCC 02RG20), burns are @ 8X.

See this scans:



Using branded TY,Ricoh media, Verbatim (made in Taiwan,Singapore) and all other media “made in Japan” you will be in general satisfy at most.


I have really good results with Ricoh.
But keep an eye on this thread and you should get a good idea of what media works best. :slight_smile:


The Mehdin’s post - that’s what I’m looking for. Please, send more informations like this.
New bios may be worse for some media. Lower writing speed may produce more errors.


MCC003 FOR 1653 is my favor


CS0K & Verbatim DVD+R 16X Wide Inkjet Printable (MCC 004) works great.

Exellent quality at 8X and good at 16X.
I allso trust Verbatims Advanced AZO technology surface to last longer then other disks.

Scan ( burned@8X ):