1653 won't recognise any disks

My 1653 which had been working fine has suddenly stopped recognising any DVD / CD / CDR / DVD R that I put in it and the green light is flashing continuosly.

I have tried putting it into a different PC and it does the same, and I’ve reflashed the latest (CS0P) firmware but it makes no difference.

Anybody got any ideas what’s causing this?



You must have done something to your EEPROM. Have you used the EEPROM utility or maybe a region free tool?

You could try the Repair Checksum feature in the [thread=112103]EEPROM Utility v3[/thread]. If that doesn’t work you could send me a backup of your EEPROM and I will fix it for you. :wink:

Thanks CodeKing, I tried the EEPROM utility and it put everyhting back how it should be. I was a bit worried for a while!

Keep up the good work.