1653--Will it die if operated sideways?



I’m wondering if anyone has operated a 1633/1653 sideways and killed it. If so, right side or left side?

I’m calling the right side same as the side with the eject button.

I’m also wondering if anyone is operating the 1633/1653 sideways and it continues to work well. If so, right side or left side?

Due to the shape of my case, I killed two by operating them standing on the left side. Reads were safe, but drives became unusable after writing operations–after one writing operation.


You answered your own question and everybody knows that the drives are meant to operate horizontal just like hard drives, but the burner will not die of it, you will only trash all your media in it.


I never use an optical disk drive vertically but manufacturers say it’s OK.


Here’s a picture of the 1693SX from the official LiteOn website…


Those SX drives are all like that. Buffalo of Japan advertises their external drives of Hitachi, Toshiba, Pioneer, NEC, Sony drives in the same fashion, vertically.

There are only SOHW-1653SX and SOHW-1673SX in South Korea. SOHW-1653SX costs just about US$100 ($40 more than LG GSA-5163D’s US$140) so I would consider SOHW-1693SX at about the same price.

Lots of HDDs are used vertically as well. I don’t care if it’s 2.5-inch HDD because 2.5-inch HDDs generate hardly any noise, heat, vibration. Purely psychological on my part.


@ Code, 16x reads caused really bad quality 6 minute 8x +R writes, while 12x reads caused really good quality 7 minute 8x +R writes.
However, none of this was sideways. :wink:

Wow, this new Lite-on drive is really working out well for me. So, they are advertised to run on the right side??? That is exactly what I need. You see, my little case has two possibilities for ventilation:

  1. Put all of the hot air into the power supply
  2. Put all of the hot air into the inexpensive and silent (Danielized) slot cooler (you know, that $4 add-on thing that expells video card heat right out of the nearby PCI slot?).

Well, I can guess which one is a better idea. :wink:

If the Lite-On can sit on its right side, then my power supply isn’t forced to eat hot air.

Hooray!! This Lite-On has been a really trouble free and very pleasant experience. There was one exception. When it forced it to 16x reads, it made terrible burns. However, when I “went through the motions” again and forced it to 12x reads, its beautiful quality returned.

I have not yet gotten up the courage to try a burn sideways.

I’ve got to hear from someone who’s running a sideways Lite-On before I go that far. If the unit was mediocre, I’d sure try it. But, as it beats the quality of my BenQ’s and writes far faster, I’m going to “baby” this one. :wink:

P.S. Are 2 minute (after lead) CD burns normal??? Is lots of air supposed to be blasting out of every conceivable crevice (inside the computer and outside the computer) whenever I insert a CD??? This is very entertaining! I think it’s nuts! But, I really like it. So, is it unique (like a lucky manufacturing error?), or does every Lite-On owner enjoy this performance?


I operate a LDW-851SX on its left side. I’ve had it for two years and it never burns correctly. This thread made me wonder if having it on its side has slowly made it more and more unreliable, I wouldn’t even have thought of that. They show the drive on its side on the damn box it came in!

Anyway, here’s a short description of my problem: