1653 problems (jumping buffers and slow)

i got a problem

cstr after flash makes my drive just blink and not stop blinking and wont read disc or burn, flash back to csom and works

You must apply the crossflashing patch!

i must have downloaded the wrong crap

some xflash junk

why would i need to crossflash when i am already using 1653 csom firmware?

also no option in the flasher to crossflash, but thats not the point

i will see what i can do just because :slight_smile:

Is your drive a true 1653S model. If not, you have to use OmniPatcher to patch the flasher firmware with the crossflash patch, in the general patches tab. :wink:

Run OmniPatcher, Load firmware, Select patch, Save and then reflash the drive with the saved firmware…

alright i did all that, wouldnt burn ttg02’s

so i went back to csom and still no dice, power calibration, i can burn other media, now when i load a blank disc windows doesnt pull up the blank disc screen


any ideas what to do?


well update

buffer level jumping all over the place, burns taking 3x as long as they should

someone have a idea on what to do

right now i am back to csom

thanks in advance, good thing i have my back up drives

man, after working so good for do long, i think its dying

has buffer problems when writing now and very bad scans of burnt with buffer problems and takes forever now


time to go to newegg and get the 1693 for 39.99 i think

Switch on DMA and check your burst rate with cdspeed.

Did some merging of posts…

Sometimes DMA can be switched off by a firmware flash (dunno why). See ala42’s post for the solution to your problem. :slight_smile:

well it will burn every other one right, :frowning:

would a virus or spyware maybe be causing this, my comp is kinda acting funny, should i pull it and try it in another machine?

well i guess it was just being like a woman, picky about the media i fed it

now it seems to be back stronge burning

i guess it doesnt like ttg02’s much

back to costco they go

i am still watching it close tho

going do a reformat soon just because