1653 issues

actually it is a 1633 upgraded to 1653 with the latest firmware
but here is the thing, it was working perfectly with this firmware now when i insert any cd its ligt start blinking and never stops, but it wont read the cd or burn it, can anyone help me here???

ohh I forgot now it blinks all the time even without a cd on it

I guess nobody knows, so I will have to buy another dvd-r
thanks anyways

why not flashing back to previous firmware? or do you mean ‘it was working perfectly with this firmware, now when…’? so it has been working well before with the latest fw??

i’d flash back until it starts working normal again. that’s what i would do first of all…

it was working great with the latest , some how now it aint

I did it, i kept on trying now it is working fine eagain