1653 cstj auto bittsetting

ok i guess after crossflashing my 1633 to 1653 cstj it auto bittsets?

and my main question as i dont really need to bitset as 4-6 players read dvd+r’s fine does it effect the qulity of the burns to bit set or not to?

and how do i turn that off

i am using the ledfix firm from codeking

bitsetting does not affect the burn-quality. you can disable/change the booktype with the official lite-on booktype utility.

yea, i forgot i had the bit set set to auto in the bitset liteon software :slight_smile:

i changed it back to manual as i dont need to bit set :slight_smile:

thanks tho

There is really no reason not to set the bit… If your burner will read it without it set, it will read it with it set too. But, if it doesnt read it without it set… There is still a good chance it will with it… Plus, not cost as far as speed of the burn and no quality loss.

Auto Bitsetting is a privlage to have… Just turn it on if you can and let it go.