1653 CS0K SonyID LED?



Sorry C0deKing…but can u tell me what the SonyID LED Fix does…compared to the normal one??..just got the CS0K LED from your site and just noticed this…

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LEDFix means

Mounting Disc: Solid Green
Reading Disc: Flashing Green
Burning Disc: Solid Red
Buffer UnderRun: Orange or Flashing Red (Maybe, I’ve forgot)


Thanks Talon88. Almost :).

Mounting Disc: Solid Green
Reading Disc: Solid Green
Burning Disc: Solid Red
Buffer UnderRun: (Not implemented yet)

There are two versions of the firmware in the packed file, one with a Liteon ID and one with a Sony ID. Both have crossflash, 12x read speed and LED fix. The Sony ID version is for people with Sony drives that want to use this firmware but have OEM software that will only work when it sees a drive with the Sony ID. :wink:


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Omnipatcher is made by code65536. he will (hopefully) be back after the current semester.


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question about those firmwares with SonyID:
what kind of software need to detect a sony ID?

what about nero? will it show more options somewhere? i remember hearing that nero didn’t allow bitsetting on liteon drives… will this option open the combo for this thing?


yes, nero will show bitsetting option. but you can do the same thiong with the booktype utility. sonyID firmwares are meant for people using bundled software. if you’ve bought a sony drive the included software will only work with a sony-writer.


so there is no real benefit from doing this?

then what about using firmware for sony drives? DRU710A on a 1633, any benefit doing so?