1653 and the BookType Utility

Hi there,

Before I take my machine apart again and check how I’ve wired things up can someone confirm the’ve got the ‘BookType Utility’ to work on their 1653.

Mine is on firmware CS09 or CS09 post-Omnipatcher and when I try and use the ‘BookType Utility’ I get a message stating
‘A drive has been recognised but is not supported’ and the utility closes.

I’m running XP-PRO SP2, and have checked I’ve got ASPI 4.6 as suggested in the FAQ.

DVDINFOPRO can set the book-type and then I can burn successful DVD-ROM’s, but I have to remember to reset it after each reboot…

Hope you can help…

:confused: Scooby… :confused:

Which version do you use ? Version 1.0 will not work with your drive, you have to use the new one. http://www.liteonit.com/ODD/English/e_downloads/e_utility.asp

Same here, getting it with ver 1.3.5 with my 1213S at 1633s.

This question arises quite often. Usually the problem is based on Nvidia IDE drivers. Unfortunately you have to switch to Microsoft standard drivers, then the utility will work.

Maybe you can use KProbe for that while using Nvidia drivers, no idea…

Another solution to the NVidia IDE driver problem is to remove ASPI 4.60. They’re not really needed with XP (because it has SPTI) and removing them then allows the NVidia IDE driver to work with the Liteon tools. :wink: