1650 Wont reach 16x

I know this question has been done to death and je suis desolee, but…
I’ve tried verb MCC 004 16x rated, and alsol Yuden000 T03 media. I just changed the old IDE cable (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v318/gregtherotter/scans/P4040002.jpg) for this new one (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v318/gregtherotter/scans/P4040003.jpg) and am getting a drop before the disc reaches 16x;
:confused: Any reason why its doing this?

This behavior is caused by luck of speed on your compu, and is not in any way related to your burner.
You can clearly see this on you buffer graph.

Use the link in my sig to test your subsystems burst and speed rate.

What controller do you have your drive connected to? And do “Benchmark” tests successfully reach 16x?

when you say ‘data’ on the dvd, in the guide, do you mean any data? can it be a dvd image?

Yes. :wink:
Tell us the burst speed on your HDD’s next.

Have hard to believe that.
But even if it did, this way of testing is not reliable. Subsystem has to be put on “real” load.

Doh, i meant to say dvd image of a dvd video, so its video files

I’ve got the drive jumper set to master. Is that what you mean by controller? :confused:

pinto2: That’s a pretty useful way of checking the IO performance of a computer. However, if a machine fails to reach the speeds you mentioned, how does one actually go about troubleshooting the problem? I think your guide should be updated with possible hints and suggestions. Just a thought :smiley:

Heh, I know I’m lazy… :smiley:

Output from this test has to be annalized (as a whole) first. Depending on in which part of test the system suffers from luck of speed decides the action taken.
It has been everything from disabling anti-virus system, increasing read buffer, upgrading/changing IDE drivers, changing media, changing IDE cables… to new HDD.

Good thing I just bought this then:
Am just doing a defrag first, then will transfer the dvd movie image to the internal from my external hdd.

Mine Plextor +R media came “only” with MID of YUDEN000-T0[B]2[/B]… :wink:

Doesn’t burn that good on my 1640. Seems this drive likes Verbatim branded T02’s better. Can’t fine any more of those Verb discs anymore though.

What does that mean for me :confused: does that mean my dvd+r’s coming wont be as good as the verb MCC 004’s?? These ive ordered are YUDEN000T03.

Why not do a transfer speed check before a defrag as well? Just so you can compare performance gains (if any).

Yes, that was my idea also. :wink:

Did you burn those discs posted in #1 from your external (USB2) HD drive…?
If so let us know.

Don’t panic about your 16x media at this stage.

BTW, I’m still at work and can’t be with you all the time, sorry.

No those discs were burnt from the internal drive. I tried the guide, and there were quite a few jumps of the read buffer up to 100%, the speed was going at roughly a maximum of 10,000. I’ll try from the test from the external hard disk.

No worries, I;m not in dire need of emergency fast help lol. :bigsmile:

Just did a speed test from the image on the internal and im getting 16.3x read speed.

Please answer all data you wrote down in [I]one[/I] thread, easier to get a full picture than.

  • speed of your HDD (C: and/or other HD drives where you copied the image)

  • size of image

  • maximum read speed you read that image (at 100%)

  • time to read full image to your HDD

  • any buffer spikes while reading

  • max write back speed measured.

  • total time for write back

  • 40 or 80 conductor IDE cable

  • IDE drivers (chip default) or M$.

  • Antiviral apps

  • CPU consumption (idle)

  • Memory load (idle)

  • toatal memory installed.

Don’t remember if you already posted Nero InfoTool uotput. If not please post in [ code ] **** [ /code ] tags. Remove DW1650 and Nero serial.

I can understand Nero, but why is the drive serial sensitive information? :confused:

I wrote without reading carefully enough before :wink:

Your drive serial number (and other information) is recorded onto every DVD-x you burn. See this thread. It is possible, however improbable, that this information could be used against you at a later date, in a court of law or otherwise. Just because you are paranoid does not mean that everyone is not out to get you.

Speed of HDD: I wasnt sure exactly but i googled it and it seems its a seagate ST320413A that runs at 5400 rpm.
image size: 3.9 GB
read speeds range from 1000 to 10000%
there must have been at least 20 buffer spikes, one that I counted lasting 5 seconds at 98%

80 conductor IDE cable
IDE Controller:Intel® 82801AA Bus Master IDE

Running Norton Internet Security 2006 (along with norton anti virus)
CPU consumption idle: 2%
Memory Load:
Physical memory:
Total: 260592
System Cache 159456

Nero Benchmark test:
Nero CD Speed Test results

General Information
Operating System Windows XP
Drive BENQ DVD DD DW1650
Firmware Version BCDC
Serial Number xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Disc DVD+R
Capacity 3.91 GB

Transfer Rate
Start 6.60x
End 15.50x
Average 11.66x
Type CAV

Seek Times
Random 108 ms
1/3 111 ms
Full 162 ms

CPU Usage
1X 7 %
2X 13 %
4X 26 %
8X 54 %

Burst Rate 22436 KB/sec

Spin Up/Down Times
Spin Up Time 4.07 sec
Spin Down Time 4.25 sec

Load/Eject Times
Load Time 1.43 sec
Eject Time 2.12 sec
Recognition Time 11.89 sec

Time Elapsed Action
[20:54:23] Starting transfer rate test
[20:58:56] 4:33 Speed:7-16 X CAV (11.66 X average)
[20:58:56] Starting seek times test
[20:59:07] Random Seek: 108 ms
[20:59:18] 1/3 Seek: 111 ms
[20:59:34] 0:39 Full Seek: 162 ms
[20:59:34] Starting CPU usage test
[20:59:49] CPU usage at 1X: 7 %
[21:00:05] CPU usage at 2X: 13 %
[21:00:21] CPU usage at 4X: 26 %
[21:00:36] 1:02 CPU usage at 8X: 54 %
[21:00:36] Starting burst rate test
[21:00:38] 0:02 Interface burst rate: 22 MB/sec (22436 KB/sec)
[21:00:38] Starting spin-up/down test
[21:00:46] Spin-up time: 4.07 seconds
[21:01:00] 0:23 Spin-down time: 4.25 seconds
[21:01:00] Starting load/eject test
[21:01:03] Eject time: 2.12 seconds
[21:01:04] Load time: 1.43 seconds
[21:01:16] 0:16 Recognition time: 11.89 seconds