1650 woes



Well, just installed a new 1650 today…

Burned two discs. Second disc is unreadable and now the drive doesn’t recognize any burned or blank media. Is this a dead drive? Should I get on the horn to Newegg for an RMA?


more info:

Windows and burning programs/Qsuite see the drive. I was able to flash firmware no problem. Drive is in UDMA2, cable is a good 80 wire/40 pin. Master on the secondary channel. Liteon 53327s is the slave. Using Nvidia IDE drivers on an NForce2 mobo (fine with the 1620 this drive replaced).

No media whatsoever is recognized.


try the ms driver and disconnect the liteon drive.


No change. Looks like it’s going back to Newegg.


It could be your media. What discs are you burning (brand and media code)?


ALready shipped back to Newegg.

I had tried TDK TTG02, Fuji TY’s, and some crappy CMC’s. Also no luck with Ritek or TY cdr. Couldn’t read pressed discs either.


Sounds like a dodgy burner then… I’ve had problems with my first 1655 too, it got RMAed. Looks like their quality control is allowing for more defective/substandard units to slip through the net when compared with other burner brands. Anyway, good luck with your new one.


Think I might get a 1655 in the meantime. I also have a new Litey I might try, but to me, that’s like going to the dark side.

Maybe I’ll just keep my 1620 until it dies.


Got my RMA’d 1650 installed yesterday. EVerything seems to be going well. TY’s are burning with a QS of 98 @8x, Verb DL’s with a QS of 96 @2.4x. Only thing is that I can’t seem to get the DL’s to overspeed. Setting are set for overspeeding with Qsuite and also with ImgBurn.


OverSpeed function only works on [I]single layer [/I] media, as well as all other setting in QSuite.
Check out ala42’s MCSE thread for guidance about “overspeeding” DL media ie. MKM-001.


Ah, thanks. I was under the impression that the 1650 could do MKM-001 at 8x natively.