1650 Weird problem between nero 6 & 7

Hi out there

Ive replaced my trusty Pioneer a08 with a Benq 1650
At first I burnt a ISO DVD with nero 7, when trying to copy data from the disc to another PC, about 80% the way through i get CRC errors and cannot copy the data. Ive tried all sorts of Media TY, TDK, G05, Verbatim and all have this problem

BUT what ive noticed if i use Nero 6, the burns work ok???
Ive made so many coasters putting this theory to test, but it doesnt make sense, ive installed this drive in 2 different computers, and even in a external Firewire casing and nothing makes any difference apart from using nero 6 or nero 7, ive also tried all different versions of nero 6 and nero 7 but i just dont get it???

Ive reflashed the bios and loaded the latest on release a day ago

PC’s tested on
AMD 64 4200 DC
80 pin cable

p4 1.7
tried 40 and 80 pin cable
changed master slave

Toshiba tecra laptop
External Firewire casing

Do i have a dud drive?

TG02 with Nero 7

G05 with Nero 7

TDK rw with Nero 6

tg02 with nero 6

The other weird thing is on all machines everytime i try to turn solidburn on/off or and other options it just freezes??

What do ya reckon
Thanks !

Nero 7 is still pretty new and buggy.

yeah really buggy, but does anyone else out there use nero7 and a 1650??
Between nero 6 and nero 7 they do the same thing basically.

Im just interested if anyone else has the same combo with different results?
Maybe i should try some other DVD authoring software

To confirm a nero problem, try to use a different burning app.

Create an ISO file with nero, and then use imgburn or cd-dvd speed or other softwares different from nero to write on the disc.

Ive just used Roxio to burn a disc and it came out worse, to the middle of the disc was stuffed

[B]Also i stated when i use qsuite and i try to turn solidburn or any other options it just freezes, is this normal??[/B]

Man this drive is making so many frizbees

I personally do not use Roxio anymore, there are much better burning suites out there. Never had a prob with Nero 7 and my BenQ DW1650 and DW1655. Could be a faulty drive, but if your burns are good with Nero 6 then it has to be a software issue, maybe a part of Nero 7 that doesn’t fit well with your individual hardware configuration. Like geno888 said, try burning with ImgBurn, it’s donate-ware and does a great job.

When posting scans save them from CD-DVD Speed as png files & load them directly here with the manage attachments option under Go Advanced. This is the preferred method here.

Thanks TIMC will do next time

Ive used Image burn, to the end of the disk it started going real bad, and cannot read past 4gb
If i do the same test with my pioneer i get excellent results
Maybe i have a dud drive, as you said cyberman youve got the same combo and it works so maybe somethings wrong with my drive

I found this thread and hes had the similar problems like me too especailly to the end of the disc when burning


I’ll send it back to benq and hopefullly there smart enough to give me a replacement

Thanks for all the tips guys

This is a simple burn with my pioneer a08 i made with the same media
Big difference

this is the proper image done with making a NRG image from nero and then using image burn to burn the image.
If i try to copy the DVD back to the hard disk i get crc errors around 85% when done

Dear stevehyper12nitro

You have already done so much testing with all different burning s’wares/engines and the results have been bad for the piece of DW1650 you got. You are spending more than the cost of a new DW1650 creating coasters to test your theory. Why not get rid of the suspect burner and get another Pioneer. For certain media brands i.e. POSG02) my good, old, reliable, Pioneer DVR107B never fails - when every other make/model I have tried fails (BenQ, LG ).

Actually is less costly to buy quality media: ritek are not the very best.

A good burner can’t transform a bad media in a good one.

I use the Nero 7 / DW1650 combination without any problems. Try changing your media for better results. And QSuite should not freeze when you change any of the options.

ok how do i get any better media that taiyo yuden?

I know ritek isnt crash hot, but look at my burn on my pioneer almost as good as the best, QS of 96

Ive tried everything, i just thing ive got a lemon of a drive and will send it back, if it still dont work i’ll get a new pioneer drive.

Send the drive back and get a replacement. The fact that QSuite hangs might indicate a problem with the drive not responding well to QSuite commands. I’m assuming that your OS is well optimized and does not make other programs crash or freeze.

For the love of god, there are enough indications that your drive is bad.

What else do you need short of a Benq rep BEGGING you through PM on this board to RMA it?

Hehe! :bigsmile: :smiley: :bigsmile:

If he has a faulty drive then why he claims that the drive performes fine under Nero6 Environment?.