1650 much louder than 1620

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Well I have just received an OEM 1650 drive from Newegg in much anticipation after enjoying such solid performance from my OEM 1620. Well I don’t know if there is a speed difference, but the noise is untolerable from this 1650. My 1620 has always been so silent during reading and even burning! Now I don’t mind that the 1650 is particularly loud during writing, but what really does bother me is I can’t even watch DVDs in the drive! Just playing a DVD creates a very loud spinning hum with high pitched noises mixed in. Have any of you experienced this from your 1650? Do you guys recall how quiet the 1620 was? So far, I am very disappointed with this ‘upgrade’.

Can’t say about 1650 as it still hasn’t arrived yet. I can only compare 1620 and 1640. 1640 overall is actually slightly quiter, however the sound has some sort of high frequency pitch mixed in, so when it’s burning at full speed subjectively it sounds more annoying to my ears. When I’m watching DVDs I can’t tell any difference between two, both are extremely quiet. Are you sure your 1650 slows down when watching DVDs? If not try using nero drive speed, it works magic.

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In my case both the 1650 & 1655 produce marginally less noise. Check burn quality & transfer rate to see if everything else is OK. It maybe that the drive just needs to settle.

I just recieved my 1650 from Newegg on monday and its really not any louder than my 1620. You must of got a defective unit or something. I would RMA it or sell it to somebody you don’t like.

Hmm, I’m thinking about getting it replaced based on your comments. But do you think I should wait a couple weeks incase Newegg received a bad batch? I love my 1620, but purchased the 1650 so I could use the 1620 in another computer.

My 1650 is louder than my 1620, but the word “return” never came into my mind.

Max, do your dvds spin so loud that they compete with the audio playback? My 1620 would playback movies in almost absolute silence.

let me try… but doesnt that depend on how silent you play your movies… I’ll try now

you’re right - the 1620 is near dead-silent compared to the 1650, both drives has the speedpatch enabled.

The 1650’s like whirlwind :confused: You can use the nero program to force lower the playback speed.

I must of gotten a quiet 1650. It almost seems like you are right about a bad batch of 1650’s though. Mine says Feb. 06 on it but a some people have been getting units made in March or April with newer firmware and those seem to be the troublesome units. Or maybe its just a coincidence. All I know is so far I like mine and the price was right. Just
a note, the OEM faceplate from my 1620 looked like it would fit on my 1650 so I tryed to switch them and the faceplate would fit but the tray does not in case anybody was thinking of trying this. My 1620 was beige and it would of matched my case better if it would of worked.