1650 Lead Out Problem

I have a Benq DVD DW 1650 and I am having a wee problem that is not software related. When I burn more than one DVD the second burn will not write the lead out portion. It just hangs. The first DVD is no problem. But if I try a second, nada.

This has happened in Adobe Encore and burning data DVDs from Nero. (Or if I burn a DVD in Encore and then switch and try to burn one in Nero, same thing).

If I reboot in between DVD burns there is no problem. I don’t know if this is something that has occured or if some setting has recently changed. Or, is it the media?

Is there a cache or something that isn’t emptying? Is there something I need to do, drivers, software, etc., to add?

Any help appreciated.



I had the same problem. I returned it to the shop where I bought it ( under waranty time). They sended it back to BenQ and after a while I could get my money back.
So now I have my money back.
I bought a plextor in the mean time.

Have you tried reflashing the firmware?