1650 is made by NU Tech?

How about your 1655?

My aged 1610 is made by Benq.

It seems that Lavalys/Everest makes their own “database” and that is incorrect. Using Everest Home v2.00, the DW1655 description entry is still empty.

Hi :slight_smile:
Everest is now no longer free, so 2.2 is the last. I believe that Everest is reporting the DVD-ROM DVP 1650 rather than the DVDRW 1650. The DVDROM is Nutech manufacturered. Everest does have the information to correctly identify the 1650 & as such should give the same info to that of the 1655.
N.B. I have noticed that it gives writing speeds for the 1650, but I still believe that the man id is confused with the DVP.

Wild, if you wanna test your BenQ DW 1650 is made by NU just put a DVD+RW disc in your drive & use DVD infopro’s (Direct Current) erase to test if it works.Please let me know your result :slight_smile:

It pops up a window shows that “This function is only supported by NU/QSI …”.