1650, how to fit 4.37 gigs onto a +R?



Goal: fit 4.37 gigs onto a disc that fits only 4.36
Requirement: my divx machine only sees the video files on the disc I want, and not any fake files to inflate disc size so that I can overburn disc

Overburning wont work because it is only about 1 meg more than the disc will allow. Tried it, and tried closing track and disc and last file cannot be read.

Now, I could put in a dummy file on the disc so that I can overburn, but I dont want to do that. My divx machine will see the file and I dont want that

Putting the attribute of the folder or file on the disc to “Hidden” also doesnt work as my divx machine will see the folder or file.

Is there a program to create multisessions so that first session has the dummy 10 meg file I dont want to ever see, and the second session for the files I want the divx player to see then overburn it to Imgburn?

Any other suggestions?


You could use a DVD-R which has approximately 6MB more space than a DVD+R.


heh heh but I dont want to do THAT either, because all my DVD-R are the crappy brownish colored Maxells while the rest of my DVD collection are the silver Maxells


There’s another very roundabout way of accomplishing what you want, if I understand your problem correctly (You need to fit approx. 4484 MB onto a DVD+R).

You are right that you can’t overburn just a single MB with your BenQ 1650, so one way of accomplishing what you want is to overburn more than the minimum which I don’t remember exatly now, but it’s around 9-10MB.

If you use UltraISO ($40 shareware) to create an ISO image, and then add a dummy file (or files) of the appropriate size, you can then use the “advanced hidden” property on those files in UltraISO, and the files will use space in the image and on the disc, but they cannot be seen anywhere.

And this makes it possible for you to overburn the DVD+R with the desired file(s) on it and with no other visible files.

Buying a new high-quality DVD-R would be an easier solution. :wink:


Im cheap… and Im bored today… :smiley:

Thanks for suggestion and I got that dl’d already, but didnt know about that option inside - was just about to label that program as “useless” and do uninstall


Could you not also just add lots of zero’s on the end of the image file? (in 2048 byte chunks of course).

That wouldn’t be part of the file system so your player shouldn’t complain, but it’ll then be big enough for the overburn to work properly.


uh how do I do that, and using which program? :slight_smile:


Any hex editor type program.

Hex Workshop, Ultraedit etc.


k, thanks!


Hey lightning, I was wondering for Imgburn the Drive/Adv settings where you can disable SB for the 1650, is it possible upon exiting the program for Imgburn to auto renable the original settings for SB, Overspeed, WOPC (whatever you had prior to running the program)

Thank you both for your answers about fitting in the data. Ultraiso did work - will try the 0’s method next!


and Im bored today… :smiley:
You really must be bored :bigsmile: .
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