1650 does lightscribe?

I got a 1650 last week from Newegg, came with Nero OEM, i loaded it as i just did a format, :sad: , when the software was loading it stopped for 2-3 minutes and said was loading lightscribe software, after the install i looked in smart start which i hate and there was the lightscribe option.
I wouldnt bother with it but was just wondering i thought only the 1655 used it.

The 1650 doesn’t have lightscribe abilities, Nero does contain the software to do it. If you try it you will most probably find it tells you that the feature is not supported by that drive model.

(Why is this in NEC?)

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If you want LightScribe function then you better return your 1650 and ask for 1655 as exchange. BenQ 1655 has all the features of 1650 plus LS function so why not to get 1655.

I think, they use the same CD for 1655 (with lightscribe) and 1650 (no lightscribe). This brain dead installer does not check, if there is a lightscribe capable drive present and installs the driver even if it is useless. I experienced the same with my 1650, and it was a hard work to get rid of that lightscribe crap :Z


There is a way to get rid of the lightscribe! HOW??? I couldn’t figure it out!

BTW the CD says: “LightScribe v.xxx (If applicable)”

So just a standard OEM CD for any drive. But I hate that they have no option to unselect it when installing!!! :a

Install nero before hooking the drive up. Or download Nero from the Ahead website then just input your serial number.


Yes, but it is the hard way, because the uninstaller doesn’t work.
In short:
Disable Lightscribe service and reboot.
Locate the folder, lightscribe was installed in, and delete it.
Remove the registry entries concerning lightscribe.

So just a standard OEM CD for any drive. But I hate that they have no option to unselect it when installing!!! :a
Crappy Nero installer. Workaround: Don’t use the setup program from the top level from the CD, and use the installers in the subdirectories instead.


Thanx, I’ll try that. :slight_smile: Because even uninstalling all Nero software and using the clean up utility couldn’t get rid of lightscribe

I dont see any Lighscribe in my ahead directory, i just uninstalled nero oem and installed ultra, i hate smart start or nero express, good ole nero forever!!!
Also nero 7 sucks too!