1650 digital stereo & other settings

I think I finally got the 1650 figured out. I changed it to slave on my secondary ide with the DVD ROM as master.

I made a few burns at 12x with wopc = on, Sb = on, and OS = on using taiyo yuden 1 to 8x disc’s. The quality scores run between 96 & 98 so I was pleased with the results so far.

This is my first burner with digital stereo and the Cd’s I burned with music was awesome. When I put a disc in the CD player in my car I couldn’t believe the difference compared to the Cd’s I have been playing. :clap:

digital stereo recording- i have never heard about this. could you provide some more info?



Hi, @ronl how to set 1650 to master?

You can change the drive by placement on the IDE cable inside the computer, the end pin connector on the cable would be the master position.

On the back of the drive is a series of pins with the letter S = Slave, M = Master. You would have to move the jumper shunt to the position you wanted.

Maybe some one on the forum can point you to a site with a diagram of what to do.

For Alan’s question, I misstated the digital stereo. I have always had an analog hook up on my drives, and when I listened to the CD produced with the 1650, the separation was better than any of the other drives I have used.


Any cd you have ever burned came from data passed digitally via the IDE bus. The analog cable was just for direct connection to a soundcard for playback only.