1650: 9J.B4E15.0B3 or 9J.B4E15.0B1?

good news!
I can find both 1655 and 1650 here in Argentina!!!
As I do not need lightscribe, I go for 1650. The shop told me they can find the 1650 in these models: 9J.B4E15.0B3 or 9J.B4E15.0B1…
I absolutely have no idea… :eek:

Maybe different frontplate colours (black/beige)?

:clap: Yes! Bravo!
What a stupid I was, I just needed a web search… Well, i had done one, before posting it, but as i noticed no particular things, I was confused, while with your help I searched the right thing. Yes, the one ending with 3 is black, the other beige…