1650 > 1655

Can the 1650 be flashed to a 1655. I am not too impressed with the firware results so far and think that maybe the 1655 firmware is a bit better. Any inputs?

No. 1655 is Lightscribe, and no kind of f/w crossflash can make a model that doesn’t have lightscribe, to have it. However, you can crossflash a 1655 “down” to a 1650, to where it does not end up using its lightscribe; in fact, at least handfuls of users flashed their 1655s to 1650s, as the 1650 did seem to have better burn results initially to the 1655.

Why you can’t flash a 1650 to a 1655 is analagous to doing some system tweaking like defragmenting your hard drives, compacting your registry, removing unnecessary start up programs from msconfig and making your boot time less (faster) and your overall computer performance better; however, none of that will make your 1 ghz processor become a 2.4 ghz processor for example.

I really dont care about the LS function as I already have a LS drive. I thought the 1650 and 1655 were identical in hardware EXCEPT for the LS???

yes, they are, but you can only go from 1655>1650, not vice versa. This was asked when the 1650’s came out after the 1655, and it was not possible, because there was (IIRC) too much of a hardware difference between the two, although the only apparent thing was the LS on the 1655. It’s because of that one can’t take a 1650 (non-LS) to a 1655 (LS).

Hmmm…you can flash the 1620 to a 1625 and vice versa…why not the 1650?

A little correction, Quema34. You can crossflash 1650 to 1655 and vice versa. If you’re original drive is 1650 then you will not get the LightScribe feature. That’s the only difference.

thanks, Zevia. Yeesh. I guess I’ll have to check nearly all what I “thought” I read before. Sorry, pfloyd. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi :slight_smile:
It’s interesting. I must’ve been dreaming when I crossflashed my 1650 to a 1655 then. More over I must have had this dream several times. I have crossflashed successfully : -
BenQ 1650 <> BenQ 1655 <> Philips 1660 <> Philips 1668.
BenQ’s/Philips f/w prevents the LS function being available when a 1655 or 1668 are ceossflashed to either a 1650 or 1660.
A lack of h/w support prevents a 1650 or 1660 from being able to use the LS feature that;s is inc in the f/w, when crossflashed to 1655 or 1668.
Edit : Took so long (kettle boiled/made coffee etc) that zevia beaten me to it.

Yep, here’s the thread, and woop! there’s Zebedee, the ambitious, cross-flasher himself. :bigsmile:

Added: glad I went back to read that, but unless I’m reading something incorrectly, seems like the benefit of flashing the 1650 to 1655 isn’t a huge difference in terms of results, at least at the time of the post in that thread? :confused:

Just a drop-by question…

which one is better in burning?

they should be Identical !!! I don’t think switching from 1650 to 1655 or vice versa will improve anything. If you really want to try other FW, why don’t you switch from Benq to Philips (or vice versa)…

Where does one get the Phillips firmware for the 1650?

Never mind last post, found it!!!