1650, 1655 OR 1670(Sony820A)?

So since we all have been waiting so long for new BenQ drive to upgrade from 1640, what would be the best choice to make BenQ 1650 or 1655 or even new commer 1670 being repackage as Sony 820A drive?.

I’d say wait for the 1650 drive unless you want DVD-RAM support then get the SONY 820A/BENQ 1670. I don’t need DVD-RAM or LIGHTSCRIBE so I’m gonna wait for the 1650.

Then your present BenQ 1640 has same specs that 1650 has what would it be the purpose to upgrade if you don’t care for LightScribe and DVVD-RAM burning?.

Well it has a newer chipset in it and so far it mostly seems to burn as well, and many times better then my 1640 does. I have the 1655 here so at least I can claim I bought it to make cool labels :wink: The 1670 might just be another Panny DQ60 but maybe they’ve gotten the FW dialed in better now.

1650/55 that would be my choice

The specs maybe the same but the writing quality from what I’ve seen is better at 16x burning than the 1640. :wink:

But The only incentive for me to upgrade my beloved 1640 is to have label making capability like LightScibe for BenQ drive or LabelFlash from NEC drive.

tis the dq60

so 1670 is panasonic dq60?

Yes, its probably NOT a 1670.

So what is it? :stuck_out_tongue:
The DQ60 doesn’t have the same emergency eject hole and eject button locations, plus no Dual Coolling System.

the 820a could be the dq60, the 1670 should be a completely different drive.

do you think the 820a is a rebadged 1670 or just a restyled dq60?

@chok0, if it’s a restyled DQ60 we need to see a January 2006 DQ60 to compare.

But right now we can’t tell yet, hopefully very soon. :wink:

Well ala42 already pointed out that the mainboard and chipsets are the same as the DQ60. It is possible that the PUH is new/improved, or the loader is different. Or they are some simple cosmetic differences (eject hole :stuck_out_tongue: ).


If there would any similarity in design between 1670 and DQ60 then one has to think twice to bother with 1670 knowing unpopular impression of users from DQ so far.

okay i m very dissapointed :(! i was just going out to buy the benq1640 but after reading this read i`m confused . I just want to burn dvd-r or +r on 8x and 16x , what should i go for … and maybe dl in future … dont care about dvd-ram etc

what should be best for it ? the 1640 or 1650 ?

any scans from both drives? etc etc

and can anyone tell me if its possible to burn 2 diff data disc from 2 diff burners at the same time (as i already have one present) ! its master so ill slave the benq

does this works?

I have burned 2 disks at 8x with 2 different programs at the same time
and 2 instances of imgburn also, but it’s obvious that one needs to use 2 hard drives and all four drives are standalone masters.