1650 / 1640 - Which to buy?

I saw a lot of review for the 1640 but i cant find any for the 1650. The price is almost the same. Which will be a better one in performance ?



To my knowledge , dw1640 is no longer available .Dw1650 is the newest chipset , updated fron the dw1640 , reviews have been good … My dw 1640 performs flawlessly , heck of a lot better than my LG 4160 ( scans say so ) , so if you can still get dw1640 and the price is right , go for it … IF not buy a dw1650 …

BenQ DW1655 review, same drive except for LS h/w.

1640 is still a good drive and I can’t see that much differs compared to 165*.
But if you like “the latest”, get yourself a 1650. :slight_smile:

I still can get 1640 for a cheaper price than the 1650. Just don’t know which to take.

The 1640 is excellent. Maybe the best drive ever made IMO, but is now dated so firmware updates may be slow in comming out if they come out at all.

I’d go 1650, the 16x DVD+R bug is gone, it’s pretty much flawless.

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Perhaps this might help. See this.
Re bug with + media? The only difference between the 1640 & 1650 currently is that 1650 copes with 16x media @ 16x, 1640 is significantly better @ 12x. Future f/w may address this.

Hey zebadee, it’s too bad you haven’t done the same test at 16X!! Cause I am wondering the same thing (should I change my philips 1628 for a Benq 1650…).
oh hell, I have one free slot so I think I will just add one 1650 to my computer. I don’t know why but I cant’ get rid of my 1620…

I’d go with the 1650/55 series.



this chinese website suggests that the BenQ 1650 fw has write strategies built into firmware for many 4x + media. For all 1640 fws, the drive depended on Solidburn to write to those discs.

Yeah…, most of them for obsolete MID’s not produced anymore.

You forgot to add; 165* firmwares also restricts many madia’s to be burned at 12x only, while 1640 will burn them at 16x. :slight_smile:
(Use MCSE and compare BSOB with BCDB firmware)

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Done @ 16x, different date for 1650 as media was faulty.1640 had longest time by 18 sec, indicating SB dropped the speed. 1650 took 6.31 & 1655 was 6.29. Used latest CloneDVD2. SB/OS/WOPC all enabled. Media MCC 03RG20 Infiniti branded.

@Zebadee: With the new Version today of AnyDVD my problems that I was having at 12X are definitely solved.


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Thanks zebadee,

I see the 1640 is still ahead when it comes to PIFs!!! So I will wait for the next generation of Benq …

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bichonn, I wonder if it’s fair in some ways to compare these drives on ‘even ground’. After all the 1640s’ f/w has come a long way since the original. Also I’ve noticed that with age/use the 1640s’ jitter has dropped. At first my figures for jitter were around 12%, f/w probably brought this down to 10%. A further drop of around 1% seems to come due to this age/use. A bit like running in a car. This reduction of jitter does help in terms of improved figures elsewhere. What I’m optomistic about with the 1650/1655s’ is that they appear to be starting off, almost on a par with the 1640. If a similar improvement can be made, this will be progess to the good.

You’r probably right!!! But the 1650 improvment compare to the 1640 will never be obvious (I don’t think). So I will stick with my 1628 until the next generation shows something really different.
I think I will get myself a new 165P6S instead.

i just found the 1640 refurb’ed at newegg.com and ordered myself one for $40. What seems to be the best firmware for this unit? I burn mostly +R media and I don’t use dual layer media.