1648AAP Chameleon or 16P9S

Which one would you take!!! I can get both of them but can’t make up my mind. I miss so much my 166S so I need a drive that will be able to read and rip just like my beloved 166S, but faster with DL medias.
The winner of this poll will have full support of my wallet!

I vote for liteon.

Five days ago I purchased an Aopen DVD-1648 AAP Pro and after installation I tried to rip a dvd -R to test speed and reliability. The only result I obtained was a crash of my computer. Every time I try to rip I obtain a crash of computer. The only way to use this drive was instaling on an external box.

This can be a minor problem, because I have a good external box, but when I tried to rip a brand new DVD on HD this drive was unable to read 2 files, whereas my “old” liteon 165 ripped all disc without problems (max speed reached was only 9x, but all disc was ripped without errors).

My mobo is an A7N8X deluxe PCB1; I don’t know if this can make a difference, but I see in your signature that you have the same maniboard (PCB2, but anyway similar to mine).

I have two 1648\AAP’s and two 1648 Pro’s in four different machines and none of them have given me any problem whatsoever. But then I dont run any Nvidia chipset mobo’s either. three of mine are intel and one is via.

I see that you already have many nice dvd burners and probably don’t need another one. But you might want to check out this thread: Fastest DVD DL rip speed.

I see what you mean. I already ordered a 1640 which I should receive tomorrow. But I also want a dvdrom. I was able to backup so many safedisc with my 166S. Up to now only my 1653 can do the same job, but it can’t be overclock because there is a bug in the liteon (and Sony) FW between 10 and 12X.
My 1640 will replace my 1620 in my PC. And I am looking for a dvdrom to replace my 1653. I will not touch my 1693S!!!
I do have an extra PCI IDE card, but it is a sillicon image chip set, just like my mobo SATA chipset. I can’t have them both work together.